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Are your essential oils natural?

Yes, all the essential oils are totally natural and made from pure plant extracts.

What is the difference between aromatherapy and essential oils?

Aromatherapy is the overall name for treatments given using essential oils.

Why are there so many differently priced oils available from different suppliers and how do I know which supplier to choose?

The simple answer to this question is that the oil can be extracted from different parts of the plant. For example Lavender can be extracted from just the tips or from the tips and part of the branches etc. This affects the price of the oil but it is still made from 100% natural plant. Our oils are good quality at an affordable price.

Where do the essential oils come from?

All over the world - each oil has its origin details on the information sheet. Occasionally the origin of a particular oil may change if the country the oil has been sourced from from is affected by adverse weather conditions, drought, floods, war etc.

Can you use essential oils when you are pregnant?

Some essential oils can be dangerous to use during pregnancy so it’s very important to read the information sheets provided with the oil and to check before using them. 

Are your essential oils organic?

No, organic oils are available on the market but tend to be much more expensive.

How do you use simmering granules?

Simmering Granules are for using in a burner. Simply add two teaspoons to the well of the burner – do not add water. Put a lit tealight in the burner and the salt will evaporate the fragrance. It will not melt but will simply dry out and then can be thrown into the bin. A packet can be used approx 6-8 times and each burning will last for 4 hours. They are biodegradable and present no harm to the environment.

How do you use fragrance oils?

Fragrance oils are for using in a burner. Add 6 drops to water in the well. Be careful that you do not let your burner go dry. Fragrance oils are also suitable for making candles, soap, refreshing pot-pourri or putting in a radiator humidifier.


How do you use aromatherapy products?

Massage Oil:  The essential oils are diluted in Sweet Almond carrier oil and can be used directly onto the skin. Massage the affected area gently as often as required. The massage oil can also be used in a bath or on a cold or warm compress.

Massage Cream:  The essential oils are diluted in cream base and can be used directly onto the skin. Massage the affected area gently as often as required.

Essential Oil Blends:  The essential oils are not diluted and therefore must be diluted before use. To dilute you can use carrier oil, water, cream or any other base. Use in a burner, diluted in a bath or oil, apply it to a warm flannel or cold compress or inhale on a handkerchief or steam inhalation.

Rollerball: The best use for a rollerball is on a small area of the body. It is diluted and therefore can be used directly onto the skin. It is ideal for rolling onto the pulse points or the affected area and for keeping with you in a handbag or pocket. It can be applied as frequently as required.


What is a flower reed diffuser?

Flower diffusers are made using a natural plant called Medulla Tetrapanacis whose trunk is peeled into small pieces by hand and then assembled to be a flower. The flower is placed into the liquid and the fragrance and colour is then absorbed until the flower is entirely coloured. The flower will start to change colour within 24-48 hours and the reed diffuser will last for up to 6 months.

How do reed diffusers work?

Each reed stick contains 20 or more individual cellular sections which run from the top to the bottom and open up to pull the liquid from the base up the stick.  The material of the sticks is made from reed which is porous and excellent for diffusing the scent. They are safe - no risk of fire or burning yourself. They do not emit soot or film onto your furniture or walls. They need no cleaning. The fragrance is released into the air naturally. The diffusers start to absorb the scent into the sticks within hours of placing the sticks into the fragrance. If you want to increase the scent then turn the sticks every 48 hours for the first week. The diffuser will last for 4-6 months.

Are any of your products tested on animals?


How much is shipping?

£4.50 for all orders under £25 and FREE on all orders over £25 to UK Mainland only

Do you ship to the Highlands and Islands?

We do but there is a shipping supplement – please consult our shipping section for more details.

Do you ship internationally?

We do but we will quote you the cost prior to sending your order – please consult our shipping section for more details.

What happens if my product is faulty or broken?

Please see our returns and exchanges page.

What happens if I don’t like my product?

Please see our returns and exchanges page.

Where are your products made?

All of our items except for the burners and candles are manufactured by Regent House in the UK. The burners are sourced from China and the candles are made in Germany.