The sun is shining and palm trees sway gently in a warm breeze. The sand is golden and the sea is blue filled with tropical fish. You are lying on a lounger with a Mai Tai in one hand absorbing the scents and sights surrounding you. The South pacific islands are full of the exotic, a paradise in every petal, leaf and seed.

The scents which fill your day and assault your senses are intoxicating. We have re-created a variety of tropical scents for you to bring this world into your own home.

Cocomango & Papaya - Imagine coconut palms swaying in the wind – you reach and pick one and drink the coconut milk out of the nut. You walk along the beach and pick a juicy ripe mango & papaya slicing them to enjoy the fruit. The scents of these three fruits burst from this fragrance and uplift and stimulate your senses.

Rainforest – the rainforests of Hawaii are captured in this scent which includes the various elements of nature found in the leaves, air and water. The peace and calm of the forest exudes from this amazing fragrance bringing harmony and quiet to your home.

Hidden Garden – This fragrance is a combination of Tuberose and White Musk – when you visit Hawaii one of the first scents to greet you will be Tuberose. The warm scent of this delicate flower will bring back beautiful memories of the islands. It is used in weddings and many special occasions and is so highly fragranced it will delight your senses. The addition of White Musk adds a touch of subtlety to this scent.

Black Orchid – Hawaii is known as the Orchid Isle. Many tropical flowers are grown on the island including orchids. The Hawaiian Orchid is probably the most floral emblem of Hawaii. The lovely lavender and light yellow colours have for years made it the royal flower of the Islands. The delightful fragrance is as beautiful as the flower itself.