Chill Out Massage Oil: This Chill Out oil has been created to be used in massage which can sometimes be beneficial in relaxation, which in turn can counteract stress. The essential oils used are reputed to have connections with both the psychological as well as the physical. Lavender is said to be balancing and normalizing. It is also said that its “psychological” effects mirror many of its “physical” effects and Lavender can be relaxing, relieve headaches, calm and help with depression. Orange is said to be sunny oil and to help to counteract insomnia a problem frequently associated with stress. Rosewood is very precious oil and has wonderful antidepressant and uplifting qualities. For people who are stressed or depressed it can be very valuable.

Tranquility Massage Oil: Bergamot is renowned to be one of the most uplifting yet relaxing oils. For tense, anxious or depressed spirits there is no more valuable oil than Bergamot. Lavender is soothing and calming oil whilst Frankincense can be used as an aid to meditation as well as having a peaceful effect on the emotions. Rosewood is said to help steady the nerves and has a calming and peaceful effect on the emotions.

Serenity Massage Oil: This blend of oil uses Geranium, Lavender and Patchouli essential oils. Geranium is reputed to be anti-depressant, to have a balancing effect on our emotions, to uplift the spirit and to open the heart. Lavender is reputed to have a balancing effect, relieving anxiety and encouraging calmness and serenity. Patchouli was very popular in the 1960’s possibly due to its reputed ability to instill peace, calm and love whilst at the same time helping to clarify problems. The three contributing oils in this blend have complementary strengths which should help to promote real serenity in mind and body. And finally to drift off into a deep untroubled sleep why not massage this cream into your neck, legs, feet and hands -

Relaxing Massage Oil:  Lavender oil which has a multitude of uses is renowned to assist sleep and help to relax the body and mind. Ylang Ylang is said to be sedative oil and is widely used where people are suffering from stress and anxiety. Clary Sage is said to be a good muscle relaxant especially where the muscular tension arises from stress or anxiety. The addition of Geranium which as a member of the flower oils is said to have valuable antidepressant properties makes this oil a sheer delight to use.