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Think Aromatherapy sell Regent House products which have been manufactured in the UK since 1995 and is synonymous with home fragrance and aromatherapy products. The products as well as being designed and manufactured in the UK are innovative, eye catching and sell at prices which are very reasonable.

At Think Aromatherapy customer care is a very important part of our service along with a professional efficient approach to supplying the products you desire. We feel this is crucial to making your shopping experience with us an enjoyable one.

We sell products which make people feel good through the fragrances and natural properties on offer. Scents which warm, uplift, revitalise, stimulate and calm the spirit as well as natural blends of oils which can be used to improve the quality of life whether it is from an aching joint or a more serious illness. Essential oils, and the part they play in appealing to our sense of smell and in soothing and relieving our bodies, is an ever increasing area of interest and research and we aim to bring more of these products into people’s everyday life at prices they can afford to pay.


To provide fragrances and blends which aid the emotional and physical well being of the modern world and sell them to each person in a way that uplifts and cheers their spirits and makes their day better.


To provide natural solutions in a modern world.
To offer a friendly and personal service to our customers and answer the phone with a human voice.
To have a no quibble policy in our customer service.
To be honest and truthful in all our transactions.