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Simmering Granules

Our scented Simmering Granules from Regent House are a natural salt based product with added fragrance for use in oil burners and diffusers

We stock the full range of simmering granules by Regent House. Simmering granules are to use in your oil burner, but unlike the way fragrance oils or essential oils are used, they require no water.

Simmering granules are made from natural salt which is infused with the essence of fragrant oil.  They are fast becoming the best product to use in burners. Simmering granules never burn dry, which makes them safer to use and makes it much easier to clean your burner.

Use simmering granules straight from the packet, you do not need to add water.  When the fragrance has evaporated just throw the used material away.  It will give your waste bin a pleasant scent, or if your path is icy in the winter, scent your way out of your house with the left-overs from your burner!  It's eco-friendly all the way!!!

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