Headeaze Rollerball

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Headeze Rollerball (10ml)


When headache strikes keep this handy rollerball in your bag or pocket and apply straight onto the pulse points. Ideal for tension headaches or even try it for migraine sufferers. Ready to use.

Headeaze Rollerball
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Aromatherapy and massage can bring relief to headaches and are more natural than over the counter medication. Lavender is a sedative and Peppermint a stimulant and within many headache drugs you will find this combination of sedative and stimulant. Lavender is also renowned for helping to relief muscular tension and easing the symptoms of depression. Peppermint has warming and stimulating properties and can help cool feverish conditions. Pine is also reputed to ease muscular tension and may assist with improving circulation and may help to relieve mental stress and anxiety whilst Geranium is added for its balancing action as well as its antidepressant qualities. 

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