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Fenugreek (10%) Dilute Essential Oil

Essential Oils are made from natural plant extracts. They can be diluted in a base for use on the skin to help a variety of conditions or used in a burner. Please read the full description below for all the information about the oil.

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Bit of History: Fenugreek is one of the oldest herbs known to mankind. Archaeologists have dated fenugreek to around 4000 BC, after remains of the herb were discovered in Tell Halal, Iraq. The ancient Egyptians consumed fenugreek and used it to prepare kuphi, a type of incense used to embalm their dead. Fenugreek is important in the Jewish religion and was used as men tried to defend Jerusalem, during the first Jewish-Roman war. They combined fenugreek with boiling oil and the result was a sticky substance which made the invading Romans loose their footing and they were unable to invade the city walls. Since ancient times in Africa and the Middle East women have been know to gorge themselves on a mixture of sugar, olive oil and fenugreek in order to gain weight. The practice, originally used by harem woman, was thought to help promote the growth of larger, fuller breasts. Uses: It is especially useful for women as it can be used for a wide variety of female diseases. It treats many vaginal diseases because it contains a substance which has a similar composition to the female hormone oestrogen. It is useful for sexual stimulation, menopause symptoms and breast enlargement. Try applying Fenugreek as a warm poultice or compress to relieve muscle aches and gout pain. It is anti-spasmodic and treats muscle pain and rheumatism. Fenugreek may have some benefit for soothing skin that is irri-tated by eczema or other conditions. It is used for topical infections, burns and sores. The plant has also been used to good effect against bronchitis, fevers, sore throats and for treating asthma and lung diseases and for treating nasal sinus problems by extricating mucus.

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Fenugreek (10%) Dilute Essential Oil